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Setting up your Ambir scanner with AmbirScan Pro

Please follow steps 1 through 7 to configure your scanner with AmbirScan Pro

Step 1. Download your scanner driver from the list to the right.

Step 2. Click your download driver file to install your scanner driver.

Step 3. Plug in your scanner.

Step 4. Download and Install AmbirScan Pro.


Download AmbirScan Pro

Step 5. Click your downloaded AmbirScan Pro software to install your software. Follow the on screen instructions.

Step 6. After Installing AmbirScan Pro you will be prompted to enter the license key that came on the insert with your scanner or via email if you purchased the software by itself. To purchase a license key please order this item.

Step 7. Now your software and driver are installed you are ready to start scanning. Insert a document or card into your scanner to start scanning.