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10 #HealthTech Blogs to follow in 2018

The new year is finally here! If one of your resolutions for 2018 is to stay on top of the latest healthcare technology and health IT trends, we’re here to help. Add these 10 blogs to your «must follow» list in the new year to track the pulse of the digital health industry.

1. The Healthcare Blog

The Healthcare Blog covers health tech from all fronts, including the latest trends, key issues facing hospitals and practitioners, industry events and emerging technologies. Posts are a mix of newsworthy content and thought-provoking opinion pieces from a staff of experts.

2. Health IT Buzz

Health IT Buzz is published by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, part of the US government’s Department of Health and Human Services. While focused on the American healthcare industry, the blog’s discussions of the various challenges and benefits that health care providers, practitioners, and organizations experience in the transition to electronic health records are relevant to anyone working with EHRs and the digital health sphere.

3. Candid CIO

The Candid CIO gives us an insider’s look at everything health tech from the perspective of Will Weider. Weider draws on his more than 22 years of personal experience as a CIO in multi-hospital healthcare organizations to share news, insights, and advice regarding the challenges healthcare leaders face in today’s digital world.

4. Health It Connect

Health It Connect is the blog of Sue Schade, a nationally recognized health IT leader who has served as CIO for several large healthcare systems and is now the Principal at StarBridge Advisors, providing consulting, coaching and interim management services. Her weekly posts focus on the critical issues facing healthcare IT, the organizational transformations that IT organizations face, and the challenges of leadership.

5. Docnotes

With a focus on health, technology, and family medicine, Jacob Reider, MD, has been blogging at Docnotes for almost two decades. An educational mix of news and personal thoughts, the blog is also an invaluable repository of digital health information, with accessible archives dating back to 1999.

6. The Healthcare Guys

Published by renowned digital health expert Shahid Shad, The Healthcare Guys is a one-stop online shop for the latest digital health info. Frequent topics include EHRs, health IT, patient engagement, digital medical devices, research and clinical trials, and much, much more.

7. The Digital Health Corner

The Digital Health Corner is the brainchild of David Lee Scher, a cardiologist, clinical trial investigator, Medicare Advisory Committee member, and pharmaceutical and medical device marketing advisory consultant. In his professional work and through his blog, he offers advice regarding the best product and business development practices from technology, clinical, and patient advocacy perspectives, with a particular focus on topics related to remote patient monitoring and mobile health technologies.

8. mHealth Insight

mHealth Insight is a blog from the team at 3G Doctor, a private company that helps users to create, store and manage their important health information via a mobile app, and also allows patients in the UK and Ireland to connect with registered doctors anytime via video chat on a mobile device. While the site is backed by a commercial enterprise, the blog provides a useful source of the latest mobile health news, stories and trends of interest to anyone in the industry.

9. Electronic Health Reporter

Electronic Health Reporter is published and managed by Scott E. Rupp, an editor and award-winning journalist who has a passion for healthcare technology. The site shares the latest stories, features and news about healthcare IT, as well as opinion and guest editorial from the digital health industry’s thought leaders.

10. Health IT Plus

Health IT Plus is an information-packed blog covering the latest news and updates on a variety of digital health and health tech topics, including health IT, EHRs, mobile health, and telemedicine. It is published by Key Management Group (KMG), a New York-based company which specializes in healthcare IT solutions.