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10 Unique Ways to Use a Scanner to Keep Your Biz Better Organized

In today’s office environment, a document scanner is not just a “want”; it is a need. If you are not already utilizing a scanner, you are missing one of the best organizational tools available. Consider these 10 ways that you can use a scanner to get organized and you will quickly see why you need to add this to your office.

  1. Organize Notes – All the notes that you and your staff take during meetings can be scanned into your computer system. This makes them easier to keep up with and organize for long-term storage.
  2. Receipts – Scanning receipts means that you can toss out that shoebox in the corner of the office. However, you will still have the information you need when tax time comes around.
  3. Business Cards – Create a digital Rolodex by scanning business cards and flyers when you receive them. You will never find yourself struggling to find a phone number again.
  4. Competitor Information – Do you save sales papers and data on the competition? By scanning it, you keep it organized and reduce office paper clutter.
  5. Employee Requests – Scan those employee notes requesting time off or vacation days. Even if you add these to the calendar, it is nice to have a digital copy as backup.
  6. Invoices – Save copies of your invoices when you send them out to customers. By doing this, you have “proof” of when they were submitted.
  7. Cancelled Checks – If your bank sends back cancelled checks, do not save them, scan them and save time and space.
  8. Useful Articles – Instead of cluttering your desk or other space with clipped newspaper or magazine articles scan them into your files and you can access them online or even send them to your smartphone or tablet device.
  9. Old Schedules – Scan old schedules (with adjustments) and have access to long-term labor information at the click of a button.
  10. Tax Records – Talk to your accountant and find out which of your old tax forms you can save in digital form. You may be able to clear out some of those old documents and make room in your file cabinets.

If you would like to learn more about getting organized with a scanner and the many models that are available today, call or contact us at Ambir Technologies. Our document capture and scanning experts would love to help you sort through the different options and choosing the perfect one for your office. With the right scanner, a well-organized office is closer than you may think!

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