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25 of the Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Better Office Productivity

As people who work in offices, we all know that productivity and organization go hand in hand.

To help, we’ve put together the most popular keyboard shortcuts for Windows, Mac, Gmail, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

10 Windows/ PCs Shortcuts

  1. Windows key= this key shall take you to the start screen if you are at the Desktop. If you were to press the key again, the action is reversed.
  2. Ctrl +Tab= if you use the shortcut while on the start screen, there is switching between the Apps view and the Start screen.
  3. Windows Key + type an app name= if you used it on the Desktop, it should take you to the Start screen where will search for any installed apps using the name you typed in.
  4. Escape= If you used this key on the Start screen, the Start screen closes and switches to the Desktop.
  5. Windows key + E= this shortcut launches File Explorer from the Start Screen and the Desktop.
  6. Windows key + P= It produces a Project Sidebar to creating an extension for your image to the second screen that is created.
  7. Windows key + F1= Launches the Support documentations and the Windows Help that is provided by Microsoft.
  8. Windows key + F= It launches the File Search where you can search for the files on your PC.
  9. Windows Key +W= this shortcut launches the Setting Search. You can apply this app in searching for any OS (Operating System) settings by only typing in the keywords.
  10. Windows Key + Q= when you use this search, the General Search is launched. You can therefore use the Search in finding various settings and files.

5 Mac users’ shortcuts

  1. Cmd + Q= this shortcut will help you to end task. You shall therefore quit the appemtirely.
  2. Cmd + W = this shortcut will only help you to quit from the active window, but shall not end the task altogether.
  3. Cmd + T= this shortcut will enable you to open a new tab without using the file menu.
  4. Cmd + Tab= this shortcut will aid you in accessing the application switcher, and lets you switch between open apps without the utilization of a mouse.
  5. Cmd + Space bar= the shortcut will help you in accessing the spotlight search. The spotlight search helps in locating all applications and files on your Mac.

5 Google/Gmail shortcuts

  1. Selecting a continuous series of messages(Shift): Hold `shift` after checking the box for an email then select the last email contained in the series.
  2. A Selection of random messages (Command): Hold `command` after checking the box for the email then select the designated emails.
  3. Archiving the selected messages (e):  pressing this button (e) shall help you archive the messages that aren`t important.
  4. Marking the selected messages as important (=): Pressing this button (=) shall help you mark a message as important.
  5. Reply all (a): If you need to respond to more than one individual, just press `a` to respond to all.

Social Media (Twitter/Facebook ) shortcuts


  • Help Centre: ctrl + alt +0
  • New Message: ctrl +alt + m
  • Profile page: ctrl + Alt + 2
  • Notification: ctrl + Alt +5


  • Home: G+ H
  • Activity: G + A
  • Mention: G + R
  • Discover: G + D
  • Connect: G + C