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3 Ways Ambir Increases Your Data Security

In the wake of the new HIPAA omnibus rule, data security for healthcare organizations is more important than ever. Going into effect on March 26, with a September 23 deadline for total compliance, health IT departments must look at their health data security and adjust accordingly. Here are three ways Ambir keeps your data safe and puts you in a great position for compliance.

  1. TWAIN-compliant scanners: TWAIN is the standard for scanning and importing images into many software applications, including EMR and practice management (PM) systems. Every Ambir scanner comes equipped with a TWAIN driver, so you can access it from within your EMR or PM solution. That makes for highly-secure imaging, based on your individual system’s workflow.
  2. Completely secure signatures: The Ambir ImageSign Pro series gives you instant signing of all your patient forms at the reception desk (or anywhere else you’d like it). But it also gives you encrypted signatures, complete with biometric authentication. What does all that mean? Well, it means that each signature is locked up tighter than a physical signature ever could be, and available for use in your software system instantly.
  3. Software that locks data up tight: ScanLink Pro is Ambir’s remote scanning solution. It’s best used with thin client scanning workstations to send scanned images directly to safe, secure, remote server storage. That way, the patient data is never even stored on any hard drive that can be easily accessed by those without permission.