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5 Green Tech Tips to Save the Earth – and Some Cash

Earth Day was founded in 1970. This was during an era that saw Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River actually burst into flames due to pollution.

Needless to say, the time was ripe for a day devoted to Mother Earth. Founded by Wisconsin senator Gaylord Nelson all those years ago, Earth Day lives on today, celebrated on April 22 each year.

We pride ourselves on taking a green approach at Ambir. We specialize in helping people and organizations digitize and organize their paper while saving their money. We believe paperless is the way to go, and that scanners are only the beginning. We don’t even own a fax machine.

So whether you view Earth Day as an excuse to head outside and enjoy the weather or as a meaningful platform for change, here are a few tech-based ways to keep our planet healthier and your wallet a little heavier.

  1. Recycle your old electronics: A lot of businesses probably have a drawer full of old phones and chargers or a closet stacked with old computer parts. Don’t throw them out! Websites like and offer instant estimates for thousands of products and payments via check or PayPal. Free up some extra space, get rid of your electronics responsibly, and grab some extra cash with a few clicks.
  2. Go paperless: You may be a little closer to this goal than you thought. With apps like Evernote, you can digitally organize your thoughts and sync them with your computer, tablet and cell phone automatically. And with simple ways to scan piles of documents, if you don’t already have a scanner, it’s easy to find an affordable, efficient model to help finally ditch all the paper. It’s a fast way to save on printer paper and ink while becoming better organized.
  3. Electronic billing: This is really one more step toward going paperless. With most companies, it’s easy to enroll in electronic billing. Some even go so far as to give you a small refund for enrolling. Bills are sent to your inbox for electronic payment, and you’ll never get hit with a late fee again.
  4. E-read!: If you’re a reader who wants to go green, consider buying an eReader like the Kindle or the Nook. Prices have dropped quite a bit, so though it’s a bit of an investment now, it pays for itself with slightly lower prices per title for books and subscriptions. On top of that, many libraries now have online eBook downloads, so you can rent your digital copies from your own computer.
  5. Watch your energy consumption: First of all, go with Energy Star appliances. They cut average power usage by about 75%. Just by looking for the brand with the sticker, you can save hundreds of dollars per year. You should also take a look at your water heater’s temperature setting. Chances are it can be turned down. It’ll save you some cash on your gas bill, and you won’t burn your hands on scalding water anymore.
  6. Bonus Tip! Plug into Power Strips: There’s a nasty, energy-leeching ghoul that inhabits many houses and offices. It’s called phantom power loss. Your phone charger? It’s still drawing power, even when it’s not juicing up your phone. Your computer, TV and microwave are doing the same. The solution? Plug them all into power strips. When you’re not using them, just flip the switch.