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5 Mistakes Scanner Buyers Make

Purchasing a new scanner can be a big commitment for an office. Budget, how quickly it scans, support for various kinds of document sizes and compatibility with essential business software platforms are all some of the key contributing factors in the decision-making process. That’s why it’s important to choose the right scanner and then choose the right settings within the system. There are a variety of pitfalls the present-day scanner user can fall into, such as choosing a scanner that doesn’t support the demands of your business, purchasing an overpriced scanner solely for unneeded features and more. At Ambir, we strive to provide you with all the facts you need to make the best decision for your office.

1. Selecting the wrong DPI

If you’re scanning typical documents, then you’re most likely choosing between 150 DPI and 300 DPI. Choosing the right DPI for you depends on what you’re trying to scan. Suppose you’re scanning a typical office document, you would usually choose 150 DPI, which balances file size and readability for an ideal scanning quality and time. Additionally, font size can affect your quality, which means that if you’re considering a smaller size, you would be better off switching to a higher DPI. For fonts smaller than 10pt, users might be better off moving up to a 300 DPI so that the more minor details of the lettering come out clear.

2. Overpaying for Features You Don’t Need

If you have a small business and rarely scan bulk stacks of paper, investing in large ADF scanners could see you paying for performance you will never utilize. Instead, a small, USB-connected scanner might be the better choice. This is especially true if your office scans and uploads singular documents and cards into business applications or cloud destinations rather than bulk stacks of paper. An excellent option for a scanner, in this case, would be the TravelScan Pro PS600; it’s capable of scanning paper documents, ID and insurance cards in a small, capable package

3. Not Considering the Future

Many users invest in a scanner that addresses the capabilities they need in the present—for example, you’re a doctor who needs to just scan patient forms and you have purchased a document scanner. Later you realize that you also need to scan ID and insurance cards as needs and requirements have changed. Products that offer you scalability and versatility to adapt to your ever-changing business needs are a wise investment. Purchasing a scanner that scans both cards and documents, such as Ambir’s ImageScan Pro 820ix, is a smart investment as it allows your technology to support and move with you as your business needs grow and make sure you’re not held back.

4. Make sure you’re investing in a scanner with a warranty designed for your needs.

A warranty is a written guarantee from the seller to the purchaser that the product will be supported and repaired or replaced, when necessary, within a specified period of time. This ensures that you have invested in a quality product that will last and be ready to deliver for you. Ambir scanners come with warranties that are customized for each product family. Our entry-level portable scanners and small ADF scanners come with a 2-year factory warranty and our high-performance 3, 9, and 10 series ADF scanners come with a 3-year factory warranty. One high-performance Ambir scanner that includes a 3-year warranty is our new nScan 1060. This is Ambir’s fastest and most versatile scanner that is capable of scanning various paper documents, plastic ID cards, and now Passports in B&W, greyscale and color.

Start the journey of choosing the suitable scanner for your office now. If you’re curious about hard-working, durable, and rugged scanners, Ambir has a diverse inventory to choose from. Each product page highlights vital details about each scanner and how it can improve your workplace. If you have any additional questions, you can contact our support team by chat or calling (630) 530-5400 option 2. Start the journey of choosing the right scanner for your office now.