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5 Ways to Finally Get Rid of Your Paper

Bulk scanning. This one is obvious. The good news is, it’s also very simple. When you scan, paper is taken out of the equation. It’s just… gone. Quit wading through piles of bills, memos and important documents trying to find what you’re looking for. End by scanning all of it – once and for all. With an automatic feeding scanner, you can simply load whatever you want scanned – no matter its size or shape – and the scanner will capture it all with one click. And then, when you need something later, find it in your new, neatly-organized digital files.

  1. Digital signing. Have you ever had to sign anything in the office? You probably had to print it, sign it, scan it and email it as an attachment, right? That’s four steps and some wasted, unnecessary paper. But with electronic signature capture, you can sign a PDF and email it in seconds. That’s half the steps without any of the paper. Plus, electronic signatures are legally-binding and even more secure than live signatures.
  2. Organizational software. With programs like Presto! PageManager and BizCard, you can organize your scanned documents, business cards, signed contracts, and anything else you need to keep track of. Scan straight to Evernote, Google Drive, directory folders or direct to email with PageManager. Or straight to your Microsoft Outlook Contacts with BizCard. A handy optical character recognition (OCR) engine automatically populates important fields like Name, Email Address and Phone Number. All you have to do is scan. The software does the rest.
  3. Cloud applications. Services like Evernote and Google Drive allow you to store your documents, pictures, web clippings, and literally anything you can think of, remotely. That also means you can access your stuff on all of your devices – your tablet and smart phone have all the documents on your computer. Pull up digital copies at meetings, or attach and send in emails wirelessly. And, like mentioned above, PageManager contains handy Scan to Evernote and Google features, so you save valuable time
  4. Mobile scanning. If you travel to a job site or client meeting location, you know that sometimes you end up with a stack of papers to take back to the office. You can either tote them back or scan them, right then and there. The MobileScan Pro 100 wand scanner uses a microSD card to scan and store documents without a computer. Simply roll it over the document to capture, then transfer the scans when you’re back at your computer at home or in the office.