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ADF Scanners: 12 Ways they Can Make Your Office Life Easier

Still dreaming of that paperless office? That little slice of workday heaven in which there are no piles of paper on your desk and you don’t bang your knee on overflowing file cabinets on your way out the door? What if we told you that one sleek, versatile, compact, and very smart piece of office equipment could help turn your paperless dreams into a fast reality?

Three little letters: ADF – your scanner in shining armor!

An automatic document feeder scanner will make your office life easier in more ways than 40, but here are 12 of the most exciting:

1) No More Paper Piles! ADF scanners transform letter and legal-sized documents into PDF documents that are searchable in seconds.

2) No more hand feeding the documents through one at a time! Place your pile of pages in the feeder and walk away. So long, single-sheet-on-glass-plate dinosaur days!

3) No more jams and misfeeds! Ultrasonic misfeed detection stops jams and double-feeds before they even happen. How prescient is that?

4) No more waiting! An ADF scanner can handle 100 pages at a time and crank out full-color pages at the rate of 60 per minute. And it scans both sides of a two-sided document in one pass. Wow.

5) No more guessing! The ADF scanner’s TWAIN driver automatically rotates pages, adjusts brightness, and autocrops images to minimize file size and increase optical character reading (OCR) accuracy.

6) Double-sided, true-to-life scanned images of your documents at up to 600 dpi are a breeze, thanks to the heavy-duty imaging hardware.

7) Scan insurance, identification, and business cards in full-color, grayscale, or black and white.

8) Scan documents into a file and then send it right to a server with automated one-touch imaging.

9) The high-quality construction makes the ADF scanner durable and reliable enough for heavy loads in high-volume environments, such as hospitals, banks, and high-traffic point of sale situations, yet…

10) It is sleek and compact enough for intimate home offices, medical practices, small retail stores — basically any environment in which professional-grade image capture is required. A collapsible tray allows for even more space saving convenience.

11) The ADF scanner’s TWAIN driver is compatible with thousands of software applications.

12) The Energy Star certified power saver mode saves you money, but what’s really going to rock your office world is how much time you save with the ADF scanner’s help!