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Ambir 2019: A Year in Review

2019 was a huge year of growth at Ambir. Not only did we expand our product line by three new products, but we grew exponentially as a workforce as well. This theme of growth is one we are looking to bring into the next decade, with the goal of continuing to innovate and find new solutions for our valued customers.

This review is just a peek at the hard work put in throughout the course of the year reflected in new products, content creation across multiple platforms and employee milestones. A number of important moments have happened in 2019, and we’ve chosen some of our most notable highlights to share.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at our year:



With our first of many product launches for the year, we had quite the busy start to 2019. On January 22, the nScan 700gt was released. With an innovative design and compact size, the nScan 700gt is durable, portable and versatile, allowing for productivity wherever you go. The included AmbirScan software makes scanning and locating documents simple and straightforward while quick scanning through both ADF feed and front and rear sheet loading sides allows for increased scanning options and flexibility.

In July, we launched the AmbirScan Business Card Reader software. With this launch, we improved the way you organize your card collection and contacts. This software is available with every model of our current line of scanners. Gone are the days of having a wallet or desk draw full of disorganized business cards. Forget shuffling through stacks when looking for a forgotten phone number; AmbirScan Business Card Reader does the data entry for you, giving you more time and less hassle.

Most recently, this month, we released our wand scanner, the TravelScan Pro 300. As our most portable scanner yet, it’s great for individuals on the go and creatives who need to scan and digitize unconventionally sized images. Instead of feeding files into the scanner, the TravelScan Pro 300 moves across the top of the document, allowing it to capture documents of a variety of shapes and sizes. The optical sensor and wheels make scanning as easy as a swipe.



This year, we made an effort to produce more blog content. As the year died down, we were posting almost once a week. You all have seemed to enjoy our increased content as well, as our numbers exceeded previous year’s total unique views. It is important to us that we continue sharing valuable information that is helpful to customers across a diverse range of industries. To see what others have found useful, check out our most loved blogs below.

If You Resolved to Be More Productive in 2019, These 5 Tools Will Help You Succeed
We kicked off the year with a blog on how to start the new year off on the right foot and be more productive. This has proved to be a popular theme, as we know that extra time and space has become increasingly hard to find. Read more to find out our favorite tools for staying organized.

Wearables in Health Care – The Next Big Thing?
In our second spot was wearables in health care. Patients and providers alike seem to love them, but is this trend here to stay? Learn more about the role of new technology in healthcare and what this could mean for you.

Scan Business Cards into Outlook in Just 4 Steps
As one of our more technical blogs, this was our third most popular of the year. If you are wondering how to manage your business card collection and put these contacts into Outlook, we have the ultimate solution for you.



This year with more office space and bandwidth, we started filming more in-house videos. We ramped up our video creation schedule and saw some exciting growth in our views. Our top two videos were “nScan 690gt Duplex ID Card Scanner with AmbirScan” and “Increase productivity with AmbirScan Business Card Software”. With the goal of educating potential customers, we hoped to make clear and informative videos that would answer any questions someone may have about our products. We will definitely be continuing our video production and can’t wait to share our full collection once its complete. Comment below if you have any product or support videos that you would like to see in the near future.


Internal News

We had three employees celebrate 15 years at Ambir in 2019. These years of dedication and hard work did not go unnoticed, and these employees have been pivotal in the development of Ambir as a company. Additionally, we added seven new employees across multiple departments and grew our team at our Chicago headquarters. This mix of fresh perspectives and existing in-depth industry knowledge resulted in great collaboration and inspiration. Whether it was a website redesign or working on a product launch, our teams joined forces and created something pretty special.


Ambir in the News

This year, we were featured in quite a number of positive news articles and reviews. We’re glad to hear that our products are being used and loved by so many. Check out a few of our mentions throughout 2019:

Best Business Card Scanners– Best Advisor
Our PS667-AS was ranked as the top reasonably priced scanner. “It takes the device 3 seconds to scan a single-sided card…and handles credit cards with raised characters just as well as it does regular ID and business cards.”

The First Time Scanner Buying Guide 2019– Cardmunch
This review featured our 820ix model. “One other interesting feature that we found to satisfy the needs to past users is the duplex scanning of different card types. So if you have ID cards, business cards, medical, insurance or other type of cards that are double side, this product will help you do the job perfectly.”

Top 6 Best Business Card Scanners Buyer’s Guide– Office-equip
This featured our PS667 again as the best scanner for cards and small documents. “If you’re looking for a simple scanner to use solely for business cards, we recommend the Ambir ID Card Scanner. It will quickly scan a business card and send it to your computer where the information can be saved.”


In conclusion, 2019 was a year of growth and exploration for Ambir. We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for us and the technology industry in general. Thank you all for your support, whether you are a longtime customer, blog reader, or you just discovered Ambir for the first time. We couldn’t do it without all of you.