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Ambir Celebrates 20 Years

In 2001, Ambir began with one scanner model and a desire to provide the most efficient digital imaging available. Twenty years later, our product line has grown, but our mission to provide the best digital solutions has stayed the same.

As Ambir celebrates its 20th anniversary, we want to look back on our past and the people who got us to where we are today.

Today, Ambir delivers best-in-class options for scanning, signature capture and document management combined with comprehensive and knowledgeable support of every product. However, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing customers.

Our customers are an essential part of Ambir. You make it possible to do what we do. Whether that’s been providing you with scanning solutions to fit your space and scanning volume or saving you thousands on your next scanner deployment, you’ve trusted us to be there for you.

And since we got our name in 2001, we’ve strived to do just that. To be there for our customers and fulfill their needs, even when those needs required new and innovative solutions.

Ambir comes from the word “Ambire,” meaning to aspire, aim and strive, and we take those words to heart. Since 2001, we’ve worked every day to innovate and fulfill our customers’ needs.

So, in 2003, when Ambir realized our customers needed ID specific scanning solutions, we introduced the 660W. The first ID only card scanner, the 660W was a one-of-a-kind solution that directly addressed ID card scanning needs like never before.

It wasn’t a surprise that by 2007, Ambir had earned its first Inc. 5000 listing. Earning a spot as one of the 5,000 fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S., we grew because we listened to our customers and their needs.

In 2011, we continued to adapt our products to customer needs, and launched our first ADF scanner, the 820i. A dynamic option to scan cards and documents, this hybrid was a huge hit with our healthcare customers, and the beginning of our now growing ADF lines.

Next, we expanded our line outside of scanners and introduced our first signature pads in 2013. Our HIPAA-compliant signature pads allowed healthcare organizations to sign digital documents and instantly file them in their EMR system.

In 2018, Ambir launched the first vertical card scanner. The aerodynamic design of this scanner allows for faster, smoother scanning, capturing both sides of cards in one second.

But we didn’t stop with hardware. We heard our customer needs for software solutions that addressed different types of cards and launched AmbirScan Business Card and AmbirScan Receipt.

We continue to work every day to create new and innovative solutions to your scanning, digital capture, and document management needs. As your needs change, Ambir solutions change along with them.

Thank you for making Ambir a part of your document management process. Look forward to continuing to be your trusted source for document management solutions.