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Ambir Demos New Medical Office Technology at McKesson Insight 365

Without a doubt digital technology is dramatically changing how medical records are created, captured, managed and used to the benefit of patient outcomes. Healthcare professionals require efficient, accurate and secure ways for digitizing the patient intake process and processing electronic medical records to meet meaningful use requirements.

More to the point, digital technology is providing healthcare professionals benefits in added efficiency in processing patient intake information, including their insurance information, increased productivity for office staff and more time to spend with their patients!  Ambir’s new products improve patient experience, delivering documents and signatures directly into McKesson Technology Solutions for physician offices.

If you attended the McKesson Insight 365 Conference on August 5-8, 2014 in Indy stopped by our booth you saw a technical demonstration of an exciting concept we’ve developed for totally paperless and secure processing of patient information and approvals.

This glimpse into the future could soon revolutionize the way patient information is obtained, approved and managed. At this point, I can’t say too much about it in my post. You really have to see it in action and when you do, you will be as excited about it as I am.

In addition, to the new technology demo, we featured our full line of digital capture solutions for healthcare professionals in our booth.

If you missed seeing us in Indianapolis, you can still see our product line for McKesson Systems on our website.