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Ambir Launches New Logo in Celebration of 20th Anniversary

As we close the book on Ambir’s 20th anniversary celebration in 2021, we are excited to start a new chapter in our company’s history, one that begins with a renewed spirit and a new logo. A lot has changed in the technology industry since our founding, but the core values we believe in, the values that define the Ambir experience have not. Our new Ambir logo pays tribute to the strength and durability of our products while reflecting on the streamlined approach to productivity we see in today’s technology driven world. This combination of strength and simplicity creates a dynamic visual that incorporates our history while looking forward to the streamlined future.

Launched in 2001, Ambir’s original logo boldly depicts our company’s name and promotes our focus on technological solutions. Originally designed to depict how Ambir is always moving forward in innovation, this design introduced us to the world and our incredible customers and represented Ambir proudly for twenty years.

As we now enter our 3rd decade in business, a decade of new and exciting products and our new logo, our mission still remains the same: create innovative products that fulfill the customer needs of today with the flexibility to meet their needs of tomorrow.
So, as Ambir looks to the future, we aim to make sure all aspects of our brand are in line with our direction and vision. We hope you see our new logo as a reflection of our goal to continually provide more innovative and efficient digital imaging solutions for both your current and future needs.