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Ambir Scanners that are Card and Document Scanners in One

Owning a paper scanner is useful. Owning a paper and card scanner in one is the epitome of optimization and efficiency. Ambir offers a variety of scanners that can scan all three, one at a time, with ease. Each scanner offers unique features and benefits that can elevate the workflow in your office. Discover what features in an Ambir scanner are best for you.

nScan 700gt

One of the most noteworthy scanners that Ambir offers is the nScan 700gt. This scanner has an innovative design that can scan single sheets of paper and cards as well as multi-page documents. Its ultra-compact footprint makes it ideal for office settings with tight desk space or for use on the road.   With its ability to run either on USB power or A/C power, there are no limitations on where you can go or what you can achieve with the nScan 700gt.


ImageScan Pro 820ix

The ImageScan Pro 820ix is the perfect document/card scanner combination for Mac and PC lovers alike. This scanner has a scanning power of 20 pages per minute and has a design with detail in mind.  Rugged, durable, and compatible with thousands of 3rd party software applications, the ImageScan Pro 820ix will take your business or home office to the next level in productivity without breaking the bank.


ImageScan Pro 340

The ImageScan Pro 340 brings a sleek design and  impressive speed, scanning up to 40 pages per minute. It’s equipped to scan letter and legal sized documents as well as insurance, and identification cards. With ultrasonic misfeed detection, you can rest assured paper jams will be few and far between and your image quality will be exceptional.


nScan 940gt

If you require the best in paper handling and crystal-clear scanned images, look no further than the nScan 940gt.  This scanner is a true workhorse when it comes to handling paper from a two page letter to an entire mortgage application, there is no job the nScan 940gt can’t handle.  It’s uniquely designed paper-path helps eliminate paper jams and its exceptional image quality allows for accurate OCR when used with Document Management or ECM systems.  If paper is an essential part of your business, the 940gt is the perfect scanner for you.


nScan 1060

The nScan 1060 truly defines versatility with its unique scanning capabilities.   Not only can this scanner handle the common paper documents and hard plastic cards, but it can also scan passports. At 60 pages per minute, this scanner has the fastest scanning capability within Ambir’s product family.  Tired of having to have both a high-speed scanner and flat-bed scanner on your desk to handle passports?  Frustrated with the expensive costs of supporting a multi-scanner workflow?  Finally, a single scanner to handle all your needs with tremendous performance and reliability. Let Ambir help your organization improve workflow within your office.


Whatever Ambir scanner you choose, you’re sure to receive unrivaled performance. Each Ambir scanner has a design with a unique blend of features with the customer in mind. If you’re interested in elevating your workplace with a hard-working scanner, look through our inventory today.