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Ambir Technology and SignoTec Form International Digital Capture Partnership

Ambir Technology and SignoTec Form International Digital Capture Partnership

New union brings high-quality signature pads to users looking to further paperless processes

Ambir Technology, a leader in document capture solutions and SignoTec GmbH, a German frontrunner in digital signature capture, have formed an international partnership. The new joint venture brings unique signature capture solutions to American businesses interested in paperless processes.

The two companies offer complementary pieces of the paperless process. Ambir’s comprehensive line of scanners, many of which are used at point-of-sale and reception environments, can now be combined with the electronic signature capture capabilities of SignoTec’s line of pads to quickly and digitally capture patient and customer information.

«This is an exciting moment for Ambir to extend our product line to include the very best in signature capture,» said Ambir CEO Mike O’Leary. «It’s even more exciting for our customers, who can look forward to simpler processes and professional-grade hardware that not only works perfectly, but is built to rigorous standards.»

Conforming to the Ambir product line’s adherence to legal standards across industries, all SignoTec electronic signature capture pads utilize several forms of encryption and biometrics, so each signature is truly unique and legally-compliant. This unmatched security is combined with a compact, ergonomic design to create a real solution for instant signature capture.

«SignoTec is the only producer of e-signature solutions that designs the entire product experience, from best-in-class hardware to fully-integrated software,» said SignoTec’s Arne Brandes. «Combined with Ambir’s existing American partnerships, we’re able to provide quality, German-engineered solutions to customers who are looking to make their processes faster and easier.»

In addition to the new electronic signature pads, Ambir will integrate several SignoTec software applications into their product line. SignoSign 2 allows users to create and sign PDF documents that are easily pushed into existing business processes.

Given their commitment to fair pricing, Ambir will offer ImageSign Pro 110 and 200 for competitively low prices. The ImageSign Pro 110 costs for $399.00 and the full color ImageSign Pro 200 costs $499.00. Visit for additional information.

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