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Ambir Technology to Release an Upgraded Version of its Scanning Software

AmbirScan 3.1 is a two-part upgrade of AmbirScan 2.0

Elmhurst, IL—Ambir Technology, a leader in digital capture solutions, today introduced a new software solution to complement its robust suite. AmbirScan 3.1 upgrades the current build of the program with AmbirScan Lite while AmbirScan Pro integrates brand new features.

AmbirScan Pro introduces new tools that help users quickly scan anything from documents to ID cards to photos. Page Merging and AutoScan reduce duplex, multipage scanning to a zero-click operation. The automatically scanned, multipage documents are output to a single page layout customized by the user.

AutoPrint and Kiosk Mode further automate everyday scanning tasks. AutoPrint accesses direct or network-connected printers to instantly print scanned images, eliminating extra clicks and unnecessary steps. Kiosk Mode allows AmbirScan Pro to run the background while the users complete other tasks, ready to capture anything at any time.

“The great new features included in AmbirScan 3.1 build on the usability and efficiency established with AmbirScan 2.0,” said Ambir Technology CEO, Mike O’Leary. “By providing a scanning process that does it all automatically, our customers can increase their productivity and cut costs in the long run.”

Ambir Technology will also be offering a free version of AmbirScan 3.1 on their site. AmbirScan Lite offers upgraded AmbirScan 2.0 features like De-skew and Auto Crop which correct for unintentional rotations and trim images.