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Customer Focus and Innovation

Customer Focus and Innovation, the shape of things to come.  This week Apple announced two new iPhones, a new software update (iOS 8), the Apple Watch and a revolutionary mobile payment system.

These new products come about as a result of customer focus. Apple did its homework in researching what customers wanted—a larger and higher resolution screen in their smart phones, a smart watch that is stylish to wear and loaded with features, and a mobile payment system that promises to mitigate hacking of credit card information. The sharp minds at Apple are employing the latest digital technology to make customer wants reality. In doing so, Apple solidifies its market leadership position, enhances its growth and heightens its ability to innovate to bring forth products people go crazy about, waiting in lines for hours and days to get a chance to buy the latest Apple creation.

While document imaging and information management customers usually aren’t found standing in lines stretching for blocks to buy the latest, you certainly appreciate solutions that provide ease of use, accuracy and security in helping you gain operational efficiency and productivity in managing information.

Customer focus and innovation in digital technology drives what we do. We’ve grown our distribution channel to provide Ambir Technology products and solutions to more customers in more places. We test our offerings against the best in the industry—most recently our MobileScan Pro 500 won the Edison Award Silver Medal for Computing, being applauded for its innovation.

Over the next few months, we will be introducing innovative and exciting products and solutions that you just may go crazy about.