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Customer support done right.

This is a simple story, but one that isn’t told very often: a story about a positive customer support experience.

Demetrius Robinson is an Ambir customer.

Quite some time ago, Demetrius purchased an Ambir scanner. It worked well for quite some time, and the purchase seemed to justify itself. But one day, something went awry, and the scanner quit working. Demetrius didn’t know what had happened, so he searched the internet for blogs, which proved unhelpful, and drivers, none of which were the ones he needed.ç

Disheartened and without the knowledge he needed to solve his issue, Demetrius set the scanner aside for a while.

Some time later, Demetrius reached out to Ambir Customer Support. He left a message detailing his problem and assumed he’d be waiting quite some time before he heard back.

But the next day, Ambir support technician Michael called Demetrius back. Here’s his personal description of the support call:

“Michael introduced himself and began directly and patiently asking questions about my issue. Following each answer, he provided an explanation, walked me through action steps and/or asked additional questions that were relevant and revealing.  He then instructed me how to allow him to remotely access my computer while engaging in appropriate technical discussion regarding my PC, scanner and software. Michael was able to quickly resolve the issue, clarify the solution and gave helpful hints on how to operate the scanner and recently installed software.”

At Ambir, this kind of thing happens every day. Quick follow-ups, expert technical opinions, and quick resolutions are what we’ve built our support team on. Too often, we hear about (and ourselves experience) customer support that’s unresponsive, untrained, or too difficult to follow. That’s why our U.S.-based team is extensively trained in all of our products.

Demetrius continued:

“I shared with Michael how impressed I was that he followed up with a call within 24 hours, exercised aptitude and patience, and resolve my problem so quickly.  He attributed his actions to the policies and practices of Ambir. Therefore, I would like to commend Ambir for making Michael and his resources available to customers like me who have grown frustrated with overseas call centers and the absence of live and well-trained technicians. When I look to upgrade my scanner, I will look to Ambir – «the image of service.» Thank you and please maintain your excellent customer service.”

We’d like to thank Demetrius for his kind words, and to remind every Ambir customer:

We’re here to solve our customers’ issues quickly and professionally. Don’t hesitate to call.