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Easily Import Business Cards Directly into Outlook

You’ve gotten the chance to speak with a strong potential customer, key individual for networking or someone you want to reconnect with. You’ve exchanged business cards so you can connect later, and you know you’ll want to follow up with them. But what happens when you misplace the card or worse, end up losing it? You need to be able to add that person to your contacts right away so you can be sure to further your connection or close that deal.

By uploading your business cards directly into Outlook, you can seamlessly grow your contacts list and improve your connections without having to worry about losing information. Simply scan important business cards using an Ambir scanner and the information will be imported directly into your Outlook address book. No more searching for the right business card in your stack or slowly typing in contact information to avoid typos. Just scan the business card and you’re done.

The 690gt utilizes the smooth process of vertical card scanning to create fast, one second scans of both sides of business cards. Taking up little desk space due to its modest footprint, this scanner will help quickly and easily digitize contacts.

With everything you need to easily scan business cards no matter where you are, the DS687 utilizes USB power to eliminate your search for a power outlet. And with its compact size, you can take it with you anywhere.

Incredibly versatile, the 490i will handle business cards as well as any documents you need to scan. Small and lightweight, it can be taken anywhere to scan both sides of documents and cards in small workspaces or on the go.


With Ambir Business Card scanners, you can handle importing and exporting contacts easily and without hassle. Spend less time organizing and adding your business cards to your address book and more time connecting.