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Enhance Your Workspace’s Capabilities with a Mac Scanner

As software platforms adapt over time, your workflow has become increasingly hardware agnostic. You aren’t reliant upon one specific solution or hardware system, giving you the freedom to choose what works best for your organization. As you figure out what that is, you can count on Ambir to help you find a scanning solution that fits your changing needs.


Here at Ambir, we’re always working to expand our offerings to cater to a growing variety of needs. That is why we added Mac compatibility to our lineup of top-notch scanning solutions. With the addition of a Mac compatible solution, you can utilize Ambir ADF scanners in your work environment like never before.


You’ve identified the necessary updates in your environment and implemented them, enabling your workspace to be as efficient and effective as possible. Your environment utilizes Macs because they work best for you. You shouldn’t have to compromise on that. You also shouldn’t have to compromise on getting the scanner that works best for you either. Your scanner should work seamlessly with your workspace and hardware system.


With the Ambir ImageScan Pro 835ix-MAC, you can get a reliable scanning solution that fits your environment’s needs and offers you further potential to enhance your workspace’s capabilities. The ImageScan Pro 835ix-MAC helps you quickly and effectively capture images at 30 pages per minute. With a Mac specific driver, this scanner was made for utilization and superior compatibility with your Apple device. Quickly and easily scan to your computer with just the push of a button. Save scans in searchable PDF format and search documents to find and retrieve information. Capture clear images of all documents and cards you scan from legal-sized documents to letter sized pages to insurance and ID cards.


Does your ideal solution fit perfectly in your workflow? Then why settle for a solution that just gets the job done when you can choose a scanner that fits your needs.