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EzeScan: A new way to organize and integrate

Medical practices and businesses are digitizing their paper documents faster than ever before. Whether through EMR, SharePoint, EDRMS suites, or other solutions, organizations want their information quickly and digitally. So how does Ambir fit in? What are we bringing to the table?

As a document management solutions company, we’re striving to bring the easiest ways of securely incorporating hard copy documents into all leading content management systems.

The first of those solutions is EzeScan, our answer to batch document scanning and digital content integration.

Yeah, but what does that mean?

EzeScan allows medical practices and businesses to scan every last one of their hard-copy documents directly into their own content management system without complication. It also means they can skip complex coding for an easy-to-use interface and do-it-yourself setup.

We recently published an article (Download under «Case Studies») regarding one police department’s successful implementation of EzeScan. This particular department found itself in dire straits with their records management. Their documents and records were hard to find, took up valuable space, and were far less secure than if they had been stored digitally. The force applied the EzeScan solution across many areas of the organization in a pilot program and found that batch scanning could be intuitive and efficient. They came away with a more secure, more organized and more streamlined records management system.