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Going Mobile With Apologies to «The Who»

When the British rock band The Who released Pete Townshend’s song “Going Mobile” in 1971, few of us could have envisioned how digital and mobile technologies would impact our lives today.

Fast forwarding to 2015, we will take a look at how introducing mobile scanning into your business or practice will make positive impacts to your productivity and efficiency.

What’s a Mobile Scanner?

Mobile scanners are quite sexy little beasts, taking up very little desk space so you can easily store it on your workspace or in a desk drawer. Did we mention that they are portable?

The unique design of a mobile scanner makes it ideal for scanning anything from small cash register or taxi receipts up to legal size documents without worrying about jams or damaging your documents.

You can easily use your Ambir mobile scanner with any document or content management system, electronic healthcare records or practice management system or virtually any system that can use a scanner thanks to the included TWAIN drivers. Bundled AmbirScan scanning software is easy to use and can save PDFs, TIFS, JPGs to any folder on your network or popular cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive, Box, Evernote, and Dropbox.

Because mobile scanners are USB powered, they require only one cable and you don’t have to worry about using another AC power outlet. To boot, some mobile scanners such as our award winning MobileScan Pro500i are completely wireless.

The following examples show how mobile scanning can favorably impact your business or practice.

Mobile Office—Businesses/Finance/Insurance/Legal

When visiting customers and clients how many times have you asked for hardcopies of agreements, contracts, tax information, you name it?

After receiving your copies, you trudge around with all that stuff until returning to the office. Don’t drop or lose anything…you will need to ask for more copies. Ask and carry no more! With a mobile scanner, you quickly scan documents at customer sites or homes. Light weight, compact size and USB power make it easy to transport and use a mobile scanner anywhere you use your laptop.

Not only is mobile scanning a better solution, it will help you categorize information correctly via digital files and, importantly, not lose anything. Information management just got easier.

Transportation—On the Road

Every delivery has information associated with it. Having a mobile scanner ride shotgun enables you to scan delivery documents, waybills, bills of lading and more right in the truck cab. Doing so improves payment cycle time and reduces data entry errors.

Healthcare—More Time for Care Delivery

For office visit patient registration, mobile scanners are great for scanning registration documents and ID cards. They use less desktop space than a scanner with an Automatic Document Feeder.

For bedside patient registration and nurses carts, mobile scanners can reduce the time patients need to wait for registration and eases registration for non-ambulatory patients. And, you don’t need an AC power source, as mobile scanners are USB powered.

Mobile scanning provides added efficiency for medical transport and ambulance crews. You can pre-register patients before arrival at care facilities and, importantly, scan trailing documents relevant to past treatment.

Businesses and Home Offices—Just the Right Size

Just because it’s called a mobile scanner doesn’t mean that it can’t be used in your office! If you scan only a few documents per day, a mobile scanner makes perfect sense to use in an office environment. Plus, you can always take it with you.

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