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Great Technical Support: Our Promise

Since we began providing medical practices and businesses with top-quality imaging hardware over a decade ago, we’ve made it a point to match it with expert-level technical support. Sure, we could skimp out and say, «You’re on your own.»

But that just wouldn’t be good enough.

When you purchase an Ambir product, you get more than just great scanning hardware or software. You also get the undivided attention and trained knowledge of a team of dedicated technicians. So when you contact us by phone or through the convenient online support chat, our support staff is there only to help you solve your problem.

Now, we assume that when you call a support line, you’d like to talk to a person. That’s why we’ve built a team of smart ones that pick up when you call. We’re also assuming you’d like that person to be sociable. That’s why we’re proud to say we’ve got the friendliest, most patient team in the business.

Seriously, these guys are wizards. Wizards with a degree in Scanology.

The truth is, digital imaging is all we do. We’re very, very good at it. So if you ever need a hand, give us a call or reach us by chat. We guarantee you’ll see the difference.