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Hands-on with the ImageScan Pro 940u

#1 – Customizable Scan Buttons

The Ambir ImageScan Pro 940u is an unstoppable workflow-streamlining machine. It’s a steady-rolling engine of office interoperability. We don’t feel these claims are too bold. It’s that good.

But  we need to do more than make audacious statements. We need to show what this 40 page-a-minute, scan-everything-in-sight imaging locomotive is really capable of. That’s why we’re writing a series of posts highlighting the best features on this new ADF workhorse.

These are features that, when implemented in environments that value fast, clear imaging, can produce real improvements in efficiency and ROI. Imagine hitting one button to complete your most common scanning tasks, in place of wading through several UI screens just to capture an insurance card or form.

We’ll start this series with the 940u’s customizable ADF scan buttons, which allow users to tailor the device to their specific scanning needs. There are nine in all, and they’re accessed via a simple three-button physical interface on the front of the scanner. These settings come preloaded on the 940u and feature immediate, plug-and-play capability with Windows machines.

Just cycle through with the arrow keys to select the appropriate function. The list of pre-programmed functions are as follows:

  1. PDF Utility: Convert images of text documents created by the scanner into searchable pdf or pdf image files
  2. OCR Utility: Convert images of text documents created by the scanner into text files that can be edited within any word processor
  3. Merge Utility: Convert images of text documents created by the scanner into searchable pdf or pdf image files
  4. Copy Utility: Scan images directly to the printer without saving them to your storage device
  5. E-Mail Utility: Scan images and documents directly to your default MAPI-based e-mail program
  6. File Utility: Scan and save images to your storage device in your choice of file formats
  7. Scan Utility: Scan and open images within the assigned application program
  8. FTP Utility: Scan document(s) and upload to an FTP server

Button configuration is easily accessed by right-clicking on the “Ambir ImageScan Pro 940u” icon in the Windows system tray and selecting “AmbirScan ADF Button Configuratio

From here, you can customize everything about the button functions. Adjust resolution, page size and file location with a few clicks. Set the scanner to remove blank pages and three-punch holes, or to send the image directly into your email as an attachment.

Let’s say you want to scan directly to a printer or copier with one of the preset buttons. You’ll first want to select the copier icon (#4) on the left side of the button configuration window. From there, select the device on which you’d like to print from the dropdown menu (as shown below.)

After that, you can choose other options like:

  • Number of copies
  • Print scale
  • Scan type (Simplex/Duplex)
  • Page size
  • Color modes
  • Brightness, contrast and other image adjustments

Click “Apply”, then “OK”, and you’ll be scanning straight to the printer in no time. It’s intuitive, quick and totally customizable to your individual workflow. And there are plenty more options built in for you to discover, customize and just plain get more done with.