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Helpful How-To Videos: Top Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Small Business

The small business owner needs to be an expert in everything, from marketing and inventory management, to HR and accounting. Luckily for you, there are a slew of handy «how-to» videos available online that can help you enhance your skills and keep your business running at peak performance.

Because not all videos are created equal, we’ve saved you the search time and have curated five of our favorites here:

1. Grow your Google rankings

Ok, at just over 17 minutes total, this video is on the long side. But we promise it’s worth it, especially if you created a Google My Business account when it first came out and have done
nothing with it since. This video promises «9 actionable tips for better rankings» and delivers with great advice, help with new features, and easy to follow tips to get the most of a powerful platform which costs you nothing to use.

2. Make Facebook a favorite again

There’s no question that your business needs to have a Facebook presence. But with its ever-changing algorithms, many small businesses struggle to reach their audience on a regular basis via Facebook, and are not using the channel to its full potential. This video from social media scheduling platform Buffer is short and sweet, highlighting what Facebooks defines as «meaningful interactions» and helping you develop content that will engage your audience. Bonus: check out Buffer’s other videos for handy tips on making the most of all your social media marketing.

3. Bookkeeping basics

Bench hits the nail on the head in this bookkeeping 101 tutorial: it’s not the most exciting subject matter in the world, but it just might be one of the most essential skills a small business owner needs. This video really does start with the basics, providing a great introduction or refresher for anyone who snoozed through the financial accounting part of business class. Most importantly, their tips are tailored to small business owners just like you and are designed to help you manage your books and file your taxes yourself, rather than doing on a hard sell on the bookkeeping services they offer.

4. Digitize your documents

If you’re drowning in a sea of paperwork, then our digital document how-to video is for you. Not only will it help your business along the path to going paperless, developing a digital document management system will boost efficiency, save time, and allow your employees and freelancers to collaborate more easily.

5. Tell your story

Instagram Stories is one the most powerful – and underutilized tools for small business. If you’re not sure how, or why to create compelling stories, this folksy video from Five Minute Social Media will walk you through the process step by step, as well as sharing some best practices for small business. It’s easy to follow and will get you started sharing your brand’s story in less than the time in takes to drink a cup of coffee.