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How a Scanner can Help with Spring Cleaning

April is in full bloom and the days are getting longer and warmer too. As a result, the annual ritual of spring cleaning might be on your mind. Paper clutter dominates a large part of the average professional’s life. Agency Sales Magazine found that most people don’t use or look at about 80% of the papers that they keep. However, for those important documents you want to keep in a secure place, Ambir offers advanced digitizing solutions.

Improve Information Security

Ambir scanners are trusted by numerous industries that deal with sensitive information, including medical, financial and government offices. Our scanners digitize sensitive information into the secure application of your choice; whether it’s an enterprise content management system, a healthcare software application to manage and organize patient information, or applications such as Google Drive to use at home. Your sensitive documents will no longer be sitting out on cluttered desks or within overflowing filing cabinets. Instead, you’ll have your most vital information easily accessible within your secure application.

Organize Your Workspace

By getting rid of documents you no longer need and scanning those you do, you’re both opening up and organizing your workspace. According to GCFGlobal, organizing your documents can help improve your time management and “save you time in the long run.”

The best way to determine document importance is to decide what you need to scan. This lets you know automatically which documents you can scrap and which you need to capture and keep.

Find Important Information with Ease

Our easy-to-use and powerful AmbirScan software that comes with all Ambir scanners saves scanned documents in searchable PDF format. This allows users to search documents for key words and phrases and to help quickly find the document they’re looking for. Our Ambir DS340 series scanner is a perfect example of this technology coming together. With your AmbirScan software and a robust 40 page per minute scanning speed, you have the perfect solution to digitize and manage critical documents.

Get a jumpstart into your spring cleaning with the help of one of Ambir’s hardworking scanners. Our website is designed to help you identify the ideal scanner for your needs. Visit us online today and find your ideal scanning solution now!