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How Separating Your Scanner and Printer Can Increase Efficiency

While that multifunction printer in your office may feel convenient, it often comes at the expense of workspace efficiency. For offices that have a small number of staff members or require only minimal scanning and printing, a centralized multi-function device can make a lot of sense. However, if your workspace has a higher demand and volume for scanning and printing, separating your solutions into a dedicated scanner and printer may be the best fit.

With a dedicated scanner, you can increase efficiency in your workspace by having better paper handling and image quality in your scans as well as greater document capacity in your document feeder. In addition, a dedicated scanner allows staff to stay at their desk and not have to get up and walk down the hall to scan documents or deal with large bulky equipment on their desk.

Improve Your Scans

Multifunction printers are best for light scanning with low to medium quality resolution. So, when you need high quality scans, a dedicated scanner is going to deliver that image quality you need. With a dedicated scanner, you get greater control of your scan settings delivering customization when needed and better refinement tools to deliver that ideal image. Whether one page or fifty, your dedicated scanner will turn out high quality images the exact way you want them. If customization, form-factor and quality is what you require in your scanning needs, a dedicated scanner is the way to go.

Separate Demand

No more waiting for the multifunction printer to print page after page so you can scan your documents, with a dedicated scanner you’ll be able to get your materials scanned quickly and easily. When you have a dedicated scanner and a dedicated printer, equipment demands become very specific, allowing for your staff to choose what function they need. This dramatically reduces wait time and results in better efficiency and productivity. Moreover, having the scanning and printing functions separate eliminates the dreaded single-point-of-failure where if the single device goes down, then all work stops. A dedicated and separated approach eliminates this risk and greatly reduces your down time, ensuring you can always get your cards and documents scanned.

Implement a Dedicated Solution

Once you’ve determined that a dedicated scanning option is best for your needs, knowing what scanner will best fit your performance and work environment needs becomes the next big decision. Many customers take a one-size-fits-all approach and buy the same exact device for everyone. However, that approach almost always results in higher hardware costs and under-utilized capacity which costs your business. With a one size fits all solution, you also throw away potential cost savings and the ability to select a solution that fits the exact needs of your workflow. That’s why you need a solution that tailored to each section of your workflow. Our nScan 690gt is designed specifically for environments that are limited with space but experience a very high-volume of people coming through needing cards to be scanned. The 690GT was engineered for this exact function and scans cards in a second with its quick and smooth vertical card scanning design and small footprint. Have a mix of both cards and documents? Our ImageScan Pro 820ix is ideal for this task and handles both cards and documents with speed and precision quickly scanning stacks of documents to your selected destinations. If your work environment is one that has seen everything, our nScan 1060, might be exactly what you’re looking for. Designed with versatility in mind, the nScan 1060 can easily scan a variety of materials, including cards, documents, and passports giving you a result tailored just to you.

Increase Accessibility

Going back and forth to a multifunction printer in a centralized location can get tiring and takes away from getting your job done. With a dedicated scanner, you can increase accessibility by placing a scanner near where scanning will need to be completed or by outfitting each desk with a compact solution. Many Ambir card and document scanners take up minimal space on a desk and are cost effective, ensuing you can outfit your office with as many scanners as you need.

Separating your scanner and printer increases efficiency by improving scanning quantity and quality, separating demand for your scanner and printer, allowing you to pursue a dedicated solution that fits your needs more precisely, and increasing accessibility to your scanner. Without a scanner, you’re left trying to fight print jobs and scan quantity just to get your materials digitized. Choosing a dedicated scanner means improving the solutions you use in your workspace and tailoring those solutions to your office’s needs.