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How to Achieve a Minimalistic Design in the Workplace for Increased Productivity

As a working professional, a good portion of your life is spent working in an office environment.  Whether in a traditional office setting or work from home, it is important to make your workspace one you enjoy and find comfort in. A minimalist design approach can make a small space feel larger and help you stay focused and distraction free. With a clean and functional space, every item has a purpose that aids in optimizing your work experience

According to Forbes and the Fellowes Workplace Wellness Trend Report, “employees need to feel comfortable and calm in their physical work settings to produce their best work.” Finding the right tools to give yourself an environment conducive to productivity is a worthy investment. There are two main ways to do this:


  1. Make the Right Additions


Adding multi-functional furniture is a great hack for creating a minimalist office that is still able to meet your needs. Look for seating that can double as storage or shelving that folds out for use as another table or workstation. Many popular furniture retailers like Wayfair, West Elm and have affordable options for whatever space you are looking to spruce up. The key is quality over quantity. If you are all set on your furniture, adding additional lighting, air conditioners and purification systems can vastly improve your working conditions. Add a small desk lamp for additional light, especially if natural light is lacking. A mini-humidifier packs a big punch for its small size while effortlessly reducing dry air and keeping you relaxed.


  1. Remove Clutter


A desk covered in loose papers and business card contacts is going to be a distraction for anyone looking to get in the zone and complete their daily tasks. File cabinets can be convenient, but in smaller spaces they are often an unrealistic addition due to the valuable room they take up. With the push to go digital and reduce paper consumption, there are many alternatives to the traditional file cabinet. A document and card scanner gives you the ability to transfer all of your paperwork into your computer for easier retrieval and sharing. Whether you want to sync to the Cloud or save a file on your computer, you are in complete control of your scanning profile preference settings. Remove clutter and help make your space more organized with an Ambir scanner. View our product line to learn more and see what the best fit for your needs is.


A few small changes to your work environment can have a huge impact on your mood and mindset. A clear and organized workspace directly correlates to your ability to focus, as a cluttered desk often reflects a cluttered mind. Set yourself up for success and give a minimalistic office layout a try.