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How to Make the Most Out of Tele-Commuting

With many organizations making the switch to tele-commuting and working from home, you want to make sure you’re enabling yourself to be as productive as possible. Working from home has a variety of pros and cons, and not having the right materials can set you up to start off on the wrong foot. By bringing in some of these items, you’ll set yourself up for success in your changing work environment.


Mesh Router (and Increased Bandwidth)

 From sending large files to team meetings over video chat, an old-style router and poor internet bandwidth aren’t going to cut it for working from home. You need a more robust solution that ensures your whole family can be online at one time without your videos freezing up and webpages loading slowly.

Mesh routers utilize multiple wi-fi nodes so all the devices in your home can connect to the closest wi-fi node instead of having every device connect to the same router. This helps increase the speed, reliability and coverage of your wi-fi. Add increased bandwidth and you’ll have no problem working from home even with the whole family connected.

Amplifi mesh wi-fi systems give you connectivity like no other wi-fi device. Amplifi devices give you the highest performance regardless of how many devices are connected. And with the included app, you’ll be up and running in seconds.


Document Scanner

One of the biggest challenges of working away from the office can be making sure files make it to your coworkers. You’re a part of a team, so you need to be able to connect with them and send and store materials you would otherwise only have locally. Whether it’s sending documents to your coworkers, files to clients, or digitizing and saving an important file, you need something that gives you the flexibility to digitize, store, and share the information you have.

Scanning documents and cards will help keep you organized away from the office. By scanning your files, you can store and send them as you need.  You’ll be able to connect more directly with your coworkers and be able to upload crisp, clear images of your documents to your computer.

The Ambir ImageScan Pro 820ix lets you capture clear images of everything from legal-size documents to letter-size pages to insurance and ID cards quickly and easily. Never worry about sending blurry images from your phone again. And with fast and easy deployment and a USB connection, your scanner will be ready to use almost immediately.

Also essential for catching up after work hours, a scanner will let you digitize your tax returns, legal agreements, paper invoices and bills. You can even stay on top of your business contacts from home with Ambir’s Business Card Software.


Comfortable Office Chair

The importance of a comfortable office chair cannot be understated. Sitting in a bad chair all day isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s bad for your body. A bad chair can cause poor blood pressure flow, decreased concentration, digestive problems, increased fatigue and more. So, when you need to hunker down at your home desk for a long day, make sure you’ll be comfortable.

You sit in the same seat for most of the day. You probably spend more time there than in bed. So why prioritize comfort with one and not the other? Next time you hit a writer’s block or a difficult problem you need to solve, you can sit back and work your way through it in comfort.

Rated as the Top Office Chair by Smart Furniture, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is thought of as “one of the most recognizable icons in the business world.” It offers comfort and support, allowing for the user to work productively without becoming distracted by back pain.


External Hard Drive

You’ve just finished a major proposal and are ready to show it to your boss for approval when suddenly your computer crashes. With an external hard drive, you don’t have to worry about losing that file and redoing the work. Save your work as you go, and you’ll always have it available when you need it.

An external hard drive can also come in handy on the days you’re in the office. When switching between working in the office and at home, you’ll want to be able to bring your files with you. An external hard drive allows you to bring all your files with you without having to bring your laptop, monitors, and anything else you need with.

The Buffalo Ministration Extreme NFC External Hard Drive is both Mac and Windows compatible and helps you quickly and easily access all your files. It’s water resistant, so you don’t need to worry about keeping your coffee near it, and has a 2TB capacity, ensuring you’ll never lose a file again.