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How to Prepare for Screening and Testing at a Triage Facility

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought about the greatest healthcare challenge of our generation. It’s going to take all our resources as a nation to combat this outbreak and provide the care and treatment needed to help our people through this. As testing becomes more available and demand increases, triage testing facilities and tents are crucial to safely process and test patients. Operating in these environments can be challenging as they lack the infrastructure associated with traditional hospital and medical office patient check in.

While masks and PPE are obvious necessities, there are other solutions that will improve your facility’s ability to get the job done quickly and securely. As a medical professional, confirming patient information and checking coverage are crucial elements of your workflow. Scanning IDs, insurance cards and documentation will help you do this accurately and efficiently. With the proper scanner, you can scan and save information to your computer or EMR system of choice.  This means that you won’t have to worry about important information getting lost in the shuffle. Whether you need to get a triage center up and running or want to supplement your practice with a scanner on each mobile cart, it is important to set your facility up for success with the proper solutions.


There are a few things you want to look for when choosing your triage location scanners:

  • Compatibility with industry leading EMRs
  • Double-sided scanning to handle all ID & insurance card capture
  • USB versatility providing a quick setup for multiple environments


At Ambir, we offer all of this and more. For 20 years, Ambir has been a leader in portable and rugged card and document scanning solutions. Our scanners are compatible with most EMRs, capture images in seconds and require nothing more than a USB connection to a laptop or PC to be used and operated. With our ImageScan Pro 490i, you can quickly capture both sides of insurance cards and patient documents. For a higher volume of patient information, the ImageScan Pro 820ix can scan 20 pages per minute.

These products are durable and cost effective for immediate mass deployments. Their versatility and ease of deployment has resulted in thousands of domestic and global deployments with both the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in previous crisis situations as well as everyday deployments in healthcare. If you are looking to equip your facility with the tools to build a triage center, Ambir is here to help you through this challenging time.