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How To: Scan directly to Google Docs

A few posts ago, we outlined step-by-step instructions for scanning directly to Evernote. Today, we’ll go over how to scan straight to Google Docs – via an easy and useful feature within Presto! PageManager 9, which comes bundled with many Ambir document scanners.

Let’s get to work.

First, we’ll have to log into Google Docs from PageManager. To do that, simply click on the “Log into Google Docs” button and do your thing. It’s next to the Evernote elephant icon, located near the top right of the PageManager interface:

Now that you’re logged into Google, you’ll need to set a path for your scan to follow.

His will open a Settings popup window. Scroll down the Google Docs icon located on the left-hand side (it’s highlighted blue in the screenshot).

After that, click the “Property…” button and choose the image format and the path you’d like the note to follow into Google Docs.

(Note: You’ll need to select a specific subfolder to scan into. We recommend creating one in the Google Docs interface named “Scans” or “Tax Stuff” or “Photos of Dogs” or whatever you’re into scanning at the moment.)

After you’ve selected your path, click “OK”.

You may have noticed a new section on the left side of your screen called “Cloud Services”. Or it may have already been there if you’ve scanned into Evernote. This is where you can view both your Evernote and Google Docs directories. Here’s a look at a basic directory:

Now that you’ve set your desired path, you can open the Scan Buttons and click “Scan to Google Docs”. Just follow your normal scanning routine. You’ll find your docs, business cards and photos right where you intended, safely nestled in the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

It’s magic. Well, it’s *like* magic.