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How Virtualization Strategies Impact Infrastructure and Save Money

If your business could save money, enhance security and fuel growth by implementing one simple strategy would you do it? If you answered yes, then you need to consider virtualization.


What is data virtualization?

In today’s information era, one organization’s data is often stored on multiple platforms in disparate systems, with information from one source siloed from another. Accessing that data involves extracting, transforming and loading information from the original source into the target course – a time-consuming and storage-heavy process known as ETL.

Virtualization leaves the original data in its source location, and simply connects to it to create a virtual representation of the information in real time. Virtualization allows you to connect to any data source, combine multiple types of data, and display that data in whatever format you choose: reports, dashboards, mobile apps, websites…the sky is the limit.

How can virtualization boost your business?

Reduce costs

The bottom-line benefit is clear; data virtualization can save your business money. Your company’s desktops, servers, and even entire networks can be virtualized, reducing the investment required in hardware and stretching your technology budget further. Add new programs, applications and databases without adding additional servers or paying for increased data storage, Fewer pieces of equipment mean lower maintenance, replacement and energy consumption costs, along with the real cost benefits of added efficiency and less wasted time.

Enhance security

The security of your network and its data is enhanced by the extra layers of protection which virtualization adds. Viruses and other malware can be detected quickly on a virtualized server and the threat eliminated before the damaging elements affect physical servers. In the unfortunate event of an attack, system crash, or other data loss in a virtualized environment, your physical servers remain safe, allowing data to be restored quickly and minimizing downtime and disruptions.

Fuel growth

The competitive advantage virtualization brings to a business can’t be ignored. In a 2017 SMB report, 72% of small- and medium-sized business decision-makers said that technology solutions can help them significantly improve business outcomes and/or run their business better. The ease of scalability in a virtualized environment means your business can respond quickly to peaks and valleys in demand, without investing in expensive hardware which sits idle during slower periods. With increased up-time, improved flexibility, enhanced security, and improved inter-operability, virtualization allows your business to do more, while using fewer resources.