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MobileScan Pro 100 named to TechnoLawyer NewsWire Top 25

We’d like to thank the fine folks at TechnoLawyer for naming our new MobileScan Pro 100 #5 on their TL NewsWire Top 25 Products of 2012. It joins other great developments like cloud practice management system Total Attorneys and CitePin, which TechnoLawyer calls «the ‘Evernote of the Legal Industry.'»

Here’s what editor Neil Squillante had to say about our new 2-in-1 wand scanner:

«It would shock me if a scanner didn’t make the TL NewsWire Top 25. In many law firms, scanners have become as essential a peripheral as printers. In fact, many law firms find that they need several types of scanners — high-volume, network, desktop, and mobile.

Ambir’s new scanner garnered so much attention from TL NewsWiresubscribers because it’s the Batman of scanners — highly mobile with a dual personality. It functions as both a sheet-fed scanner and as a wand scanner. Also, it can scan without any cables to a Micro USB card.»

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