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New at HIMSS13: Ambir eSignature Pads

We get excited for HIMSS every year. We get to fly someplace warmer (New Orleans this year), talk to like-minded individuals, and show off how we can help healthcare facilities work smarter. That means less paper and more time to provide a positive patient experience. This year’s HIMSS13 is no exception. Be sure to visit us at booth 2411 to see how we can help your practice.

Our newest star for HIMSS13 is our new line of ImageSign Pro eSignature Pads. Having one of these pads at reception gives patients the opportunity to sign digital documents instantly. After that, the document can be instantly filed through your EMR or practice management system. It’s TWAIN-compliant, HIPAA-compliant, and can be installed in minutes.

Digital signatures are faster and more secure than their physical counterparts. Each ImageSign Pro eSignature is encrypted and biometrically authenticated for total security and originality. That means that during signing, the ImageSign Pro catalogs every signature nuance 500 times a second. Each signature is legally-admissible.

But that’s just the beginning of the ImageSign Pro’s smart functionality. When used in conjunction with signoSign 2, it’s a complete signature capture and document management solution. For instance, signature fields can be determined by keyword, so whenever the words “Customer Signature” appear in a PDF, a signature field will be automatically added, ready to be signed. Create document templates for different forms that can be accessed and signed in seconds.

With protected USB transfer, signatures are secure from the stylus (which is both non-proprietary and simple to replace), all the way to digital storage in your server. With signoSign 2, you can easily determine paths for document storage, so there are fewer clicks involved. And we offer models compatible with Remote Desktop Protocol or Citrix® environments.

We’re excited to show off these new products at HIMSS13. Don’t miss it. It’s time to streamline your signature processes. The days of printing forms, signing forms, scanning forms and indexing forms are over. Now, capture patient signatures exactly when you want them with the ImageSign Pro eSignature series.