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PrimeLeader: Day 2: People like e-signatures!

Today, like yesterday, began at 7:00 am with a light breakfast and booth set up in the Knowledge Center. Most of the attendees opted out of the breakfast, choosing instead to recover from last night’s Welcome Reception. The Knowledge Center closed back down at 8:00, and we went up to our rooms for a couple more hours of shut-eye.

The Knowledge Center re-opened around 11:30 when the attendees broke for lunch. Hundreds of hungry PrimeSuite users poured in. Most bee-lined towards the food, but some small groups lingered roamed the booths.

We had a consistent flow of PrimeSuite users visiting our booth after lunch. Our ImageSign Pros were a huge hit again today. In fact we ran out of our ImageSign Pro 110 information sheets. Nearly every user who visited our booth asked about the signature pads.

Side note: about 90% of our visitors today were Tennesseans. I officially love Tennessee!

The crowds died down at 3:30 when the users convened for their last round of breakout sessions. We relaxed and readied ourselves for the Beverage Reception at 5:00. If it was going to be anything like the Welcome Reception, we knew we’re in for another rager!