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Savvy Storage: Top 10 Cloud-Based Solutions For Small Businesses in 2016

In terms of improving productivity, few inventions have been as revolutionary as the cloud. By providing storage as a remote service, the cloud lets companies avoid equipment failure and access their files from anywhere in the world. ç

The following 10 companies provide convenient, innovative cloud storage for small businesses:

1. Zip Cloud

Though not entirely free, Zip Cloud is more than worth it for the sheer amount of secure space it offers. For $72 a month, you receive half a terabyte of space on up to 20 computers.

2. Google Drive

Small businesses love Google Drive because it is closely integrated with other Google services, including Gmail, Hangouts, and Google+. Between all of these services, you receive 15 gigabytes of space.

3. Box

Designed specifically for business storage, Box is one of the best-value free storage products. Business clients receive 10 gigabytes of space free of charge, while individuals have 250 megabytes. It is thus ideal for small businesses that handle large volumes of data.

4. Qihoo

Qihoo calculates its storage space in terabytes, leaving all other cloud storing companies in the dust. The only reason it is not at the top of our list is that this storage space is notoriously insecure, making it inappropriate for businesses that store sensitive information. If you need to store information that isn’t sensitive, however, Qihoo is your best bet.

5. ADrive

ADrive offers 50 gigabytes of space for free, which is more than most secure storage sites. The only downside is that unless you pay for a more advanced service, you have to put up with constant ads.

6. Evernote

Although it offers less space than most cloud services, Evernote more than makes up for this with its convenience. If your business uses Windows or Mac computers or Android, iOS, or Windows phones, you can download Evernote free of charge. Each employee can upload up to 60 megabytes of data each month. You can also upload documents and scan into Evernote directly from Ambir scanners.

7. Dropbox

Dropbox provides a convenient forum for document storage and retrieval. You can access this program from any device, regardless of your location. As with Evernote, you can use Ambir scanners to upload documents directly to Drobox.

8. Ubuntu One

Ideal for businesses with limited budgets,  Ubuntu offers 5 gigabytes of free storage space. If you need more, you can order 20 gigabytes for only $3 a month or $30 a year.

9. JustCloud

With automated file backups, JustCloud is ideal if you can’t take a chance on forgetting to store something.

10. Carbonite

Carbonite is designed to store a wide range of documents, from spreadsheets to videos to complex accounting programs. It is one of the pricier cloud products on the market, costing between $60 and $800 per year depending on the plan.