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Scan to Evernote from AmbirScan ADF

Evernote is a great tool to connect everything you need – from work documents to website clippings to… well, basically anything. So we’ve made it simple to use your Ambir scanner to send piles of paper documents to your Evernote account. With AmbirScan ADF, it’s a snap. Here’s how:

First, open AmbirScan ADF. Then select one of the button profiles, located vertically on the left side of the window. Here, we’ve selected profile #8:

On the same window, you’ll need to set which application your scanner accesses after scanning. Click the Add… button, located next to the “Application:” dropdown:

In the Add/Modify Linked Application popup window, click the “…” button, navigate to your Program Files folder and select Evernote:

Then name it whatever you’d like. We think “Evernote” is a reasonable choice:

Click OK. Now Evernote is set as the upload program for scan profile 8. Be sure you’re logged into the Evernote desktop application. Use the function buttons on your ImageScan Pro 820i, 930u or 940u to navigate to scan profile 8 (or whichever you’ve selected as your “Scan-to-Evernote” profile):

Then press the Scan button. Your document(s) will be sent straight to Evernote