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SharePoint 101: How to Upload Docs Faster

Microsoft SharePoint is a content management solution that connects employees. Truly a collaborative platform, SharePoint allows users to share information, manage documents and cooperate on large-scale projects. SharePoint was initially launched in 2001, and has since become an extremely popular method for businesses to connect their employees and streamline their processes. And just under a year ago, Microsoft released Office 365, which offers an online version of SharePoint, as well as online editing of documents with Office Web Apps and other features including Exchange Online.

Organizations implementing SharePoint are shooting for total, real-time collaboration. But an important step in creating that valuable teamwork is first getting documents and data into the system. Documents that are created digitally are no problem, but how about the hard copy documents – the legacy files that are still relevant and need to be shared? That’s where EzeScan provides a solution.

With custom modules, EzeScan can help any organization scan and upload massive volumes of documents to SharePoint.

  • With EzeScan Pro, one or more documents can be scanned and placed in a local document queue, and then a SharePoint importer tool can upload the files directly to SharePoint.
  • With EzeScan Pro + EDRMS, users can scan one or more files and upload each directly to SharePoint with the EDRMS SharePoint connector. With the connector, document indexing is initiated from with EzeScan itself with the SharePoint document registration form. The operator can browse to the required SharePoint system folder, then save it with the required filename.
  • The third method for SharePoint integration is EzeScan DM, which combines the first two bundles with the additional flexibility of scanning and filing documents, forms and invoices directly into SharePoint from EzeScan, bypassing the SharePoint document registration form.

With this configuration, users can look up field values or capture field values from documents using the built-in OCR module, or the optional BCR or ICR modules, then populate the SharePoint index fields. This provides the easiest method for uploading batches of documents into SharePoint. Simply implement the modules you need, and you’ll always have the option to buy additional modules later.

We know SharePoint is just one of the many content management systems out there. In the coming posts, we’ll outline exactly how EzeScan interfaces with others like Sage ACT!, HP TRIM and Laserfiche.