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Sneak Peek: Our new e-signature capture pad

When was the last time this happened to you?

You need to sign a contract or something else important. So you download a PDF or Word version of it, you print it out, you sign it, then you scan it and email it (or maybe even fax it).

Doesn’t this seem like a lot of steps? Especially in a time when we can talk to someone face-to-face from across the world on our computers, or even on our phones? Wouldn’t it be easier to just sign that document while it’s on your screen?

We think so. And that’s why we’ve searched for the perfect electronic signature pad for so long. And now, we’ve found it, along with some great software that makes it tick.

Here’s a quick list of included features:

  • Sign directly into Microsoft Word & Excel
  • Convert any Word or Excel file to a PDF and sign securely
  • Define signature fields in PDF documents based on keywords. For instance, any time it says “Customer Signature,” a signable area will appear.
  • Apply keyword-located signature fields to various PDF documents
  • iOS and Android software for mobile device signing and secure storage
  • All signatures will be encrypted and complete with biometrics, which means they cannot be tampered with and are legally admissible
  • Load your own display images for a custom slideshow (perfect for promotion at point of sale environments)
  • Connect pads to a remote server for direct, secure storage instantly
  • TWAIN drivers means a vast range of compatibility with hardware and software, including many EMR systems

We can’t give it all away just yet, so stay tuned for more updates on the future of electronic signature capture. We’ll be posting workflow solutions, tips and tricks, and everything else you need to know in the coming weeks.