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The Best Place in The Office for a Scanner

You’ve finally invested in a fast, durable Ambir scanner. The combined rugged reliability and efficiency opens the door to the future. Investing in a quality scanner is the first step to making the office an organized, enjoyable place. The next objective is to find the perfect place to put your new equipment. To determine this, you need to consider safety, accessibility and functionality.

Ensuring Safety and Accessibility

Ambir ADF scanners require dry, stable surfaces. This means keeping them away from desks where you keep open-lid drinks, open windows, and rickety tables. Your workplace might also benefit from investing in a sturdy cabinet, where you can place highlighters, white out and pens within them. This offers safety as well as convenience for those who might want to mark up their document before they scan it. Instead of running back and forth to their desk and the scanner, they can make their edits at this designated station. If you find that your preferred location doesn’t line up with an outlet, you can utilize extension cords and hide them effectively with the proper techniques. Options include keeping them in the walls, cord covers, or creating charging stations.

Keeping Your Scanner Accessible

Make your scanners easy to get to and use. This is important so employees can easily access and scan things they need to without cluttering hallways. Employees should be able to have enough space to move out of the way in case a line for the scanner forms. However, with Ambir scanners high pages-per-minute scanning rates, such an event is unlikely to occur. Nonetheless, a manager should plan for every scenario, especially ones that include bulk paper-scanning jobs. Additionally, a more accessible scanner also means that tasks will be completed with more ease, increasing workplace efficiency. This means ensuring that it’s not blocking any cabinets or doors. It should be in a space without much foot traffic, so users can comfortably scan their items without getting in the way. This can be in a comfortable corner of the office, where it can be used by anyone who might need it.

Allow For Functionality

Scanners and paper go hand in hand. People often want to either dispose of, or file, the original document they choose to scan. This means that it’s preferable to have a recycling can nearby as well as a filing cabinet. If you’ve chosen to invest in a cabinet, you have the option to hide away this can underneath the aforementioned scanner. This reduces clutter, just ensure that any parties who are responsible for taking out the recycling are aware of the new location. Without the recycling bin, a trip to the scanner might mean more cumbersome experience with users needing to go from their desk to the scanner, to wherever the recycling bin in the office is located. This could especially be frustrating in larger office buildings, where these things might be dispersed. Instead, it’s best to keep the two together. When the scanner is in a functional space, it allows for a more efficient workspace.

If you’d like to learn more about Ambir scanners and how to optimize your workplace, browse through our website. From there, you can look in detail at each scanner we offer to find the right one for your workspace. If you have any additional questions, you can contact our support team either by chat or calling (630) 530-5400 option 2.

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