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The Best Scanners for People on The Go

If you’re someone whose job brings them outside of their office, you need a scanner that’s portable enough to fit on small desks and adaptable enough to work on the road. Ambir Technology offers an array of USB-powered document and card scanners for those who might need to digitize information in unconventional places.

DS700gt with Ambir Business Card scanning software

Scan documents and business cards with ease when you use the DS700gt with Ambir Business Card software. This scanner delivers incredible versatility as it can run just off of computer USB power when you’re on-the-go or via standard A/C wall power when you’re in an office environment.  Add in the AmbirScan Business Card software and you now have an outstanding package of productivity for the most demanding power-users.  Compact and durable, the DS700GT is designed for travel in laptop cases and backpacks as well as for use on your desk.  Experience how the DS700GT with Ambir Business Card Scanning Software can take your work day to the next level.

DS687 with AmbirScan Business Card

For those client meeting and tradeshow warriors who have shoeboxes of business cards, we have our exceptional DS687-BCS bundle that can scan business cards directly into your Outlook contacts or scan to a CSV/Excel file for upload into popular CRM systems. Durable and efficient, the DS687 is everything you need for business card scanning. Engineered for use in the most demanding environments, the DS687 comes with a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.  Don’t worry about searching for a power outlet, the DS687 only requires a single USB port, which means you can scan on the road, in the air, or at the office. Small and compact, this scanner can fit in your bag with no problem and delivers exceptional performance for the most demanding users.

PS600 with AmbirScan Receipt Software

The TravelScan Pro 600 is a high-quality document and card scanner that’s high on performance and incredible with value. Lightweight and expertly designed, this scanner is just under a pound in weight and just over a foot long in length making it easy to travel with.  Do you have a need to scan expense reports, contracts, financial documents, or ID cards?  The TravelScan Pro 600 can do all this and more and do it with incredible accuracy and image quality.    See for yourself how the Travelscan Pro with Ambir Receipt Software can extract data from receipts or bills to a CSV File or PDF expense report and make your budgeting and expense tracking as easy as can be.

The Ambir portfolio of products is designed to meet the unique and demanding needs of our customers.  Designed with you in mind, we strive to deliver the best product and service experience possible to our customers.  Whether on the road, in the air, on the train or just in the office, we have a solution for you!