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The Best Scanners for Your Dental Office

Just like your dental office, scanners are not a one size fits all solution. Finding the perfect fit is an important, and sometimes arduous, task. Placing the right scanner in your workplace can mean the difference between finding something that will just work and benefiting from a solution that is tailored to get your job done right. Each area of your dental office has different documents to digitize as well as differing scanner needs. While your front desk may need to scan patient ID cards, your back office may focus more on scanning a few documents at a time. Ambir has scanning solutions that fit every area of your dental office, so you’ll benefit from the perfect solution for each scanning job you have.

Your Front Desk

Your front desk sees a lot of activity. From checking in patients to scheduling appointments, and more, a lot goes on at your front desk. Implementing a scanner to digitize ID and insurance cards will help to streamline your front desk processes and workflows. By digitizing patient IDs and insurance cards, you’ll be able to access and view vital information quickly and easily without having to search for physical patient charts or records.

Ambir’s DS687 is a perfect fit for any front desk. From its compact size that allows it to fit in even the smallest spaces to its ability to capture high quality images, saving patient information with ease, the DS687 quickly captures any card. With an enhanced TWAIN driver to easily facilitate communication with any computer, you can simply plug your scanner in and start capturing images immediately.

Your Back Office

Your back desk can often be just as busy as your front desk. With stacks of patient charts, health history forms and other printed materials, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of pages to go through. Adopting a scanning approach helps reduce and eliminate the chaos of a paper-centric approach while saving your practice money with substantially lower ink toner and paper needs.  In addition, having this scanner at your desk eliminates the constant need to walk back and forth to the printer and copier.

Ambir’s DS820ix is the ideal choice for offices looking to streamline back office and front office workflows. One of our most versatile and cost effective ADF scanners, the DS820ix quickly and easily scans stacks of documents, forms, and even ID and Insurance cards. Scans can be saved directly into your EMR or to user designated folders depending on your business processes.  In the included software, you have the ability to save documents in searchable PDF format, enabling documents to be searched by content for indexing, faster document retrieval and reuse of text. Say goodbye to the days to searching for a bit of information hidden in a substantial patient file, with the DS820ix, you’ll be able to digitize patient documents and find them easily with searchable PDF format. The DS820ix also comes with a highly compatible TWAIN driver that enables your scanner to work with virtually any electronic health record and document management application.

With Ambir, you’ll find a scanner that fits your specific need instead of a one size fits all solution. Our scanners are built to fit in your dental office no matter where you need them, ensuring you’ll have the best solution for your front desk, back office, and anywhere in between. Find your perfect scanner today with Ambir.