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The ImageScan Pro 940u: It scans a lot!

Answer: With the ImageScan Pro 940u, you’ll see marked increases in speed and efficiency in imaging processes, no matter what you do. We guarantee it.

The 940u scans 100 pages at a time. That’s as many pages as there are “Bottles of Beer On the Wall.” But the 940u gets through them a lot faster – and without the resulting headache that comes with singing for over an hour. Or drinking 100 bottles of beer.

How fast, you ask? How does 40 pages a minute sound? That’s as many pages a minute as there are hours in your workweek. (Hopefully.) But again, the 940u goes through those pages a lot faster than those pesky hours seem to pass.

Lawyers, paralegals or anyone who works in law knows how valuable this could be. Legal pros, imagine this:

You’ve got a 100-page complaint, three exhibits at 75 pages each, several envelopes of photographs and various other filing-related documents stacked up for an upcoming case. That’s a lot of scanning. And a totally feasible amount of paper for discovery.

But with the customizable scan buttons built into the 940u, scanning all of this can take under ten minutes. Drop the paper in, hit the appropriately-programmed button and your reams of reports will be neatly digitized in consolidated PDF files in no time.

Medical professionals can also relate to piles of paper that need to be digitized. Scanning existing records and patient data for the move toward Meaningful Use is a daunting task. Take solace in the fact that you can achieve massive gains in productivity (and government benefits) for a price that also helps keep you in the black.