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The Top 3 Ways to Digitize Documents to Your Mac

Scan documents, photos and all other media into your Mac device with ease. The process of digitizing your files does not need to be difficult or time consuming. With the right tools, you can sync your information to multiple locations for enhanced accessibility. Check out a few of our favorite options that are Mac compatible and user friendly for all types of scanning needs.


  1. Ambir Card and Document Scanner


When it comes to scanners, each brand and individual models offer different functions. Some are high-powered for bulk paperwork, while others are compact for a desktop or use on the go. Some simply save images to your desktop, and others take it a step further and integrate with different software extensions or cloud services. The Ambir ImageScan Pro 835ix comes with a Mac specific driver and is made for utilization and superior compatibility with your Apple device. Capture clear images of everything from legal-size documents to insurance and ID cards. With a durable feeder and double-sided scanning feature, quickly handle bulk tasks of both paper and plastic source material. This scanner is perfect for a busy working environment and highly efficient without taking up too much of your valuable desk space.


  1. Continuity Camera

For simple photo scanning and sharing through Mac devices, you won’t need anything other than your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Using Apple’s Continuity Camera feature, open the document or window on your Mac where you would like the scan to appear. Click File, Import, and Scan Documents to open a new window where you can manually capture a scan or select an existing image. Continuity Camera is compatible with a variety of apps including Finder, Mail, Messages, Keynote, Pages, Notes, and TextEdit. For more detailed instructions on how to get started, visit the Apple support page for a step-by step walkthrough of the process.


  1. Doc Scan- PDF Scanner Fax App

Doc Scan is an app available in the Apple App Store that allows you to transform your iPhone or iPad into a pocket scanner and photo collage maker. A few of its main functions include:

  • Scan QR codes to open as a URL, email or add contact
  • Save books and articles
  • Convert notes, sketches and business cards
  • Archive receipts and coupons
  • Share as PDF / JPEG / TXT / Docx by email, FAX, SMB, Cloud Services, WebDAV, and iTunes / WiFi file sharing.

Doc Scan is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and runs on devices with iOS 11.0 or later. In-app purchases are available for additional fax functionality.


With a wide variety of options to digitize to your Mac, there is a solution for each individual scanning need, no matter how unique. You will want to double check your current operating system to ensure that these solutions will work for your device before purchasing. Click the link in the product title to learn more about the full functionality of each product and start scanning today.