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Top 10 Blog Sites Every Small Business Owner Should Follow

The internet can provide a wealth of creative ideas, valuable information, useful tips, and sage advice, but only if you know where to look. A Google search for «small business blog» turns up a whopping 3.6 BILLION results in 0.74 seconds. So where should the entrepreneur with a search for shared knowledge turn? Fear not – we’ve done the searching for you and are happy to present our suggestions for the top 10 blogs all small business owners should be following:

1. Both Sides Of The Table

Entrepreneur turned venture capitalist Mark Suster has indeed experienced small business from both sides of the table, giving him a unique perspective which he shares with thousands of blog followers. Interested in marketing, entrepreneurship, start-ups, leadership and attracting investors to your small business? Start here.

2. Small Biz Survival

For more than 15 years, Small Biz Survival has been dedicated to serving small business owners in small towns and rural communities. However, their engaging and educational posts can be enjoyed equally by big-city business owners. How-to-articles offer step-by-step advice on topics such as retail management, mobile marketing, and leadership.

3. Business Trends & Insights

Yes, it’s hosted by a for-profit company whose primary goal is to get you to use its credit card services, but don’t dismiss the American Express business-focused blog as merely a corporate marketing tool. With top-notch articles on small business trends, money management, growing your business, leadership, and customer acquisition, Amex has built one of the best small business blogs out there.

4. Google Small Business

Google helps small business owners make the most of its suite of solutions and tech tools aimed at entrepreneurs. In addition to «how to’ posts, the latest research and key business insights, the site also regularly hosts live-streamed workshops that are a great learning tool.

5. BizSugar

BizSugar gives entrepreneurs two great sites for the price of one. The main site is home to online courses, business news, an awesome blog and the Mastermind Community, a free online group that allows small business owners to connect and learn from each other. It’s «share» site allows users to post their own content, articles, and small biz tips to share with the community.

6. Buffer

You probably know of Buffer already as a great social media management and scheduling tool. But if you haven’t visited the Buffer blog then you’re missing out. Solid data, expert advice and an active community of content creators are there to help you grow your social media skills and build your small business.

7. Neat

The Neat blog shares timely tips, advice, webinars and more, with a strong focus on accounting, bookkeeping and financial management for small business owners. Particularly valuable at tax time, the Neat blog can help you file correctly, maximize deductions and savings, and avoid triggering an IRS audit.

8. DIY Marketers

When you’re an entrepreneur, every aspect of running a business is a DIY job. Marketing maven Ivana Taylor has created a fun and friendly blog covering all aspects of marketing. Billed as «an online magazine for overwhelmed small business owners on a budget,» DIY Marketers might be just what you need to take your marketing to the next level.

9. Penelope Trunk

Startup founder Penelope Trunk shares her personal experiences along with valuable advice about starting, running and marketing a business. In addition to her own life lessons, Penelope shares posts on a range of small-business related topics including management, marketing and productivity.

10. Ambir Technology

Ambir’s small business blog posts are essential reading for any entrepreneur looking to improve efficiency and boost their business’ bottom line. With a focus on technology, Ambir shares expert advice ranging from great gadgets, time management tips, and productivity tools, to maximizing marketing and social media campaigns on a small business budget.