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Top 10 Home Office Gifts and Gadgets

‘Tis the season of giving! If your list includes someone who works from home, we’ve got your last-minute shopping covered with 10 terrific home office gifts and gadgets.

  1. Double duty desk

If your home is short on space, the Hub27 is just what you need to create a convenient home office in any room. This sleek organizer also doubles as a wall-mounted standing desk; just flip its door down to create a handy work surface with a built-in channel to plug in & charge all your devices—laptops, phones or tablets.

  1. A bright idea

Work and focus without the harsh glare, distortion and fatigue other light sources may cause. Ottlite lighting is expertly engineered to bring the quality of natural daylight indoors so you can see everything more clearly and comfortably, even when working into the wee hours.

  1. Nurture your inner neat freak

With storage solutions as sturdy and attractive as these boxes from Knock Knock, there’s no need to need to let office clutter take over your home. You’ll save your sanity and your documents will stay safe from hungry dogs, sticky toddler fingers and, of course, prying eyes.

  1. Noise cancelling beyond compare

Sometimes the hardest thing about working from home is drowning out the many distractions. Let Sony eliminate them for you with its MDR-1000X noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones. Enjoy working in super silence or tailor the sound to your environment.

  1. Fashionable filing

When your living space does double duty as work space, it makes sense to have office furniture that works well in both environments too. We love these functional, yet fashionable, filing cabinets that looks great with any décor style.

  1. Pump up the volume

Nothing is more frustrating than struggling to hear when working handsfree on your smartphone. Never miss a key client’s question again thanks to Trobla – a simple and stylish wooden amplifier that enhances your phone’s sound without batteries or electronic components.

  1. You’re getting warmer

The most valuable home-office tool just might be coffee. In that case, the second-most important tool should be a desktop mug warmer to ensure your cup of caffeinated magic stays at peak temperature. Some models even use the USB port on your laptop for portable warming power anywhere.

  1. More power please

Wi-Fi dead zones slow down more than your favourite Netflix shows. If you’re working from home, weak Wi-Fi can definitely disrupt your workday. Boost your power and productivity with a range extender like the D-Link DAP 1620. It works with any existing Wi-Fi network to extend coverage throughout your home and even your backyard, and it can also improve download speeds.

  1. Sit Smarter

We’ve all read about the dangers long periods of sitting each day can pose to our health. When not sitting is not an option at your job, the ultimate office chair is the next-best solution. CoreChair claims to be a more healthy, active seating solution that combines freedom of movement with optimum postural support.

  1. No computer, no drivers, no cables, no problem!

A good scanner is an indispensable tool for any home office. The average scanner can help you avoid mountains of paperwork, safely and securely create digital files, reduce costs and minimize your impact on the environment. But the Ambir nScan 915i is a network document scanner far more than the average scanner. This wireless workhorse fits into any space and allows you to easily scan and deliver documents to email, network share (SMB), online storage, mobile and tablet devices, PC or Mac, and USB drives with the touch of a button.