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Top Tips and Tools for Successful Distance Learning

With the uncertainty of whether class will resume in-person in the near future, many school districts are continuing to face the possibility of teaching remotely or doing a combination of in-person and online teaching. This list provides a few ways to make this unprecedented time a little less stressful for administrators, teachers and families alike.

Here are our top tools for your classrooms that are affordable, easy and convenient:

Utilize Free Video Content

Finding affordable and effective ways to enhance a classroom can be a challenge, but improving your student experience doesn’t have to be expensive. Online resources such as BrainPOP, Khan Academy, and PBS Learning Media are free to use and can supplement your lesson plan with video content that is relevant to your current curriculum. Covering a wide range grades and subject matter, these sites provide valuable information, no matter the subject.

Enhance Remote Learning

With schools facing the challenge of switching to online learning this year, teachers and students alike have had to adapt. Tools to aid in remote learning are becoming increasingly valuable as the integration of digital classrooms becomes more commonplace. Apps like Seesaw can be used to communicate in a loop between parents, students and teachers. You also are able to search its database by keyword to find activities made by fellow teachers. Utilize Google Slides as a free alternative to PowerPoint and Kahoot! to run live multiple-choice quizzes with students.

Digitize Handouts, Textbooks, and Graded Papers

Naturally, schools are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Keep students and teachers healthy with individual scanners in each classroom instead of using a school wide copy machine and printer. The same job can be accomplished with a personal scanner for a fraction of the cost and size. Never get stuck waiting in line to use the copy machine when you can use your scanner in the comfort of your own classroom. Additionally, send students worksheets online by digitizing your material with a scanner. Scan textbook pages, articles or images to enhance their learning experience and organize all the information they need in one convenient location.

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