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We’ve got Windows 8 covered

Windows 8 is here. With a new interface and the hassles that sometimes come with migration, the last thing you need are hardware compatibility issues. The good news is, Ambir scanners will work on Windows 8 with their existing Windows 7 drivers.

However, if you’re upgrading to 8 from Windows XP or Vista, we recommend downloading and installing the new Windows 8 drivers. You can also do it if you’re one of those  who just needs to have the latest and greatest. Which would explain why you’re upgrading. So happy Windows 8 release day. You won’t miss a single scan.

New drivers are available, in both 32 and 64-bit variations, for:

  • ImageScan Pro 490i
  • PS667
  • TravelScan Pro
  • ImageScan Pro 820i
  • DS687