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What Does it Mean to Be Compliant Within an Industry?

If you’re working within a highly regulated industry, you’ve likely dealt with trying to adhere to industry compliance. In the simplest terms, compliance means to adhere to a rule. These “rules” fluctuate for most every industry. Having a secure system to digitize documents is a key part of ensuring your business meets the necessary amount of security in order to be compliant.

SOC 2 Compliance

SOC stands for Service Organizational Control. Most organizations that deal with any kind of personal data strive to meet SOC 2 Compliance. SOC 2 compliance primarily deals with information and security policies. This is put in place to ensure that company and client information alike remain confidential. Ambir scanners can assist with ID checks and securely digitize customer information.  Additionally, the digitization of information allows for detailed audit trails.

FMSA Compliance

FMSA stands for the Food Safety Modernization Act. This Act regulates the way food is grown, harvested and processed. If your organization is striving to meet FMSA compliance, Ambir scanners can help you take steps to eliminate the potential for contamination in your food products. The nScan 690gt can scan IDs and driver’s licenses to validate their identity before entering the facility and Ambir’s signature pad can quickly and easily record signatures. That way, administrators will be able to keep track of who entered the building and when.

GLBA Compliance

GLBA stands for The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which regulates organizations offering consumers financial products. This Act requires those who offer loans, insurance and financial advice to disclose their information sharing practices and to keep sensitive data secure. Digitizing information with an Ambir scanner allows users to password-protect secure information.

C-TPAT Compliance

C-TPAT stands for the Customs-Trader Partnership Against Terrorism. This is led by the US Customs and Border Protection and impacts importers, carriers, consolidators licensed customs brokers and manufacturers who want to protect their supply chain. Ambir scanners can digitize vital information and assist in verifying visitor identity with a card scanner.


FISMA Compliance 

FISMA stands for Federal Information Security Modernization Act. This act applies to all agencies of the US Federal Government and extends to State and Municipal governments. This specific compliance focuses heavily on security. The act itself requires all federal agencies to maintain secure information system security plans. This can be enforced through strict data management through digitizing vital information with a scanner such as the ImageScan Pro 820ix.

Becoming compliant with the necessary regulations within your industry makes your business more reliable to consumers. The technology on our website can assist you with achieving that compliance. Browse through our extensive list of scanners and check out our signature pad as well to reach your compliance goals.