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What to Look for When Choosing a Quality Scanner

If you’re one of many industries looking towards the future, your business is most likely interested in ways to digitize essential documents securely. The best way to upload this information into a database is to invest in a quality scanner. However, looking for the proper scanner can be an overwhelming process. There are various features to look out for to know whether you’re getting a quality deal. Three things to consider include speed, scanning capability, price, and feed type.  

Speed – Pages per Minute 

If your industry deals with a high volume of paper, then speed is one of the determining factors for finding a quality scanner. Speed is only a factor when investing in an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder). This means that the scanner can handle multiple documents and automatically feed them one by one into the scanner. This allows employees to walk away and return to a completed scan job. If you’re focused on speed for your ADF, you’ll look for a scanner that can accomplish a decent PPM (Pages per Minute). ADFs of decent speed usually range from 30-60 PPM. The fastest scanner offered by Ambir is the nScan 1060. This scanner has a 60 PPM, allowing it to digitize bulk jobs at high speed.  


To determine what type of feed you want your scanner to have, you must decide how much paper you’re planning on scanning a day. If you’re handling large stacks of paper, you most likely don’t want to hand feed each document into the scanner. In this case, you most likely want to invest in an ADF. Ambir offers high-performing ADF scanners, such as the ImageScan Pro 820ix and the nScan 700gt. Either of these capable scanners can provide you with serious scanning power.  

Scanning Capability 

Many businesses require a variety of documents to be scanned. This could include health insurance cards for hospitals as well as drivers licenses for identity verification. If your facility falls under one of these categories, you’ll want to invest in the appropriate scanner. Ambir’s most versatile scanners include the ImageScan Pro 340 and the nScan 940gt. Both of these scanners can tackle drivers licenses, insurance cards, and more.  


After you’ve determined what key features you want in your scanner, you’ll want to create a budget for how much you want to spend. You’ll also want to determine if you’re going to invest in specific scanning software, cleaning kits and more. This goes into budget creation and how much you want to invest in a scanner that will serve you the best.  

If you want help finding scanners and specific features within your budget, our sales team can help. You can contact them through our website’s chat feature or contact them at 1(630) 530-5400 ext. 2. You don’t have to go through finding the perfect scanner alone; reach out to our team today!